Silk Body Exfoliant
Silk Body Exfoliant

Silk Body Exfoliant

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***During summer months, whipped body butter can potentially arrive slightly softer than when it was shipped. Please refrigerate your butter for 5-10 minutes and it will harden back to its normal state***

This does NOT affect the quality of our products. You can refrigerate your body butters and body scrubs before opening to make sure they are more firm.


All-natural hundred percent organic ingredients. This is intended for external use only- please do not use it internally or ingest at all. Keep away from pets & small children. You should consult if you are pregnant, nursing, or have nut allergies.

This body scrub is specifically made to hydrate your skin yet exfoliate at the same time. I promise you that you will no longer try any other products once you try this one. We have added pink Himalayan salt to our salt scrubs, which is beneficial to heal damage muscle tissue. The minerals also work to draw out impurities and detoxify while you soak, so you will definitely come out of the bathtub feeling amazing!

All scrubs and lotions do not contain preservatives at all, so it is very important not to get water into your container and to scoop out the actual product with a wooden spoon or with clean hands and then use it. This will extend the shelf life of the product and make sure that it is performing at its highest quality.

To Use:

After washing your body completely, use a small amount that has already been taken out of the container, and lather onto your body, and then rinse. Please pat yourself dry and also rinse out your tub immediately to prevent any staining from body scrubs.

To Store:
Your product comes with a screw lid that allows it to be securely closed without allowing air inside of it. Please store in a cool, dark place, where there is no direct sunlight on the product.

Brown sugar scrub Ingredients:

Brown sugar, white fine sugar, almond oil, castor oil, grapeseed oil

Coffee Scrub ingredients: 

Brazilian dark roast coffee beans, grapeseed oil, almond oil, Ybarra Spanish olive oil, sugar, Ziglar’s Georgia wildflower honey, golden Brazilian jojojaba oil. 


This coffee scrub contains pure 100% Brazilian dark roast coffee beans, that we have ground in house. It is very important that as soon as you rinse off the scrub that you also rinse out of your tub to prevent any slight staining. We have added the scrub with tons of oil’s to help draw away the coffee color from staining your tub, but it is important to also rinse out your tub after using. 


Oil Benefits:

•Castor Oil- used for itching, blackheads, dandruff, scalp care. Contains vitamin E
•Tea tree Oil- this oil helps reduce acne while also soothing at the same time.
• Flaxseed Oil- this oil can be used to fight wrinkles, improve your skin texture, treat eczema, scars, stretch marks, psoriasis, and it’s also anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. This also contains vitamin E, omega-3, and omega six
•Almond Oil- this oil can be used as a dark spot remover, brighten skin tone, smooths rough skin, helps reduce inflammation due to sunburn, fights dandruff, contains vitamin A, B, E and also calcium magnesium.